• [A List ]of All Liposuction Alternatives

    A List of All Liposuction Alternatives
    Losing weight and looking like you can parade down a catwalk with pride has always been the ever-elusive goal of many a woman (and an equally significant number of men to boot)! But maintaining an ideal weight is strenuous, and losing weight is even more stressful, if not downright impossible for some. For a long time, liposuction has been the go-to solution for individuals who want to lose weight quickly. Not only does it promise near-instantaneous results, it also prevents sudden and unexpected weight gain, or at least keeps it at bay. However, liposuction was and still is very costly, and not to mention quite dangerous.

    Thankfully, invasive weight-loss procedures are no longer the only way to lose weight quickly, and a trove of different liposuction alternatives have become a part of the mainstream beauty and wellness industry to the point of slowly but surely competing against conventional liposuction procedures in terms of popularity.

    What's In a Name?

    Many clinics and specialized boutiques or spas that offer alternatives to liposuction may refer to them as ‘non-invasive liposuction'. This is actually a misnomer, but one that has pervaded the industry and mainstream understanding so much that it is almost impossible to correct. Non-invasive fat loss treatment, among many other liposuction alternatives, for example, is not really anywhere close to what liposuction is.

    Instead of employing a specialized machine to suck out fat deposits with the help of precisely targeted incisions in problem areas, it employs any of the following: concentrated heat, cold, lasers, or sound-waves which target subcutaneous fatty deposits and either eliminate them or reduces their size.

    Many non-invasive weight loss treatments in the market are targeted towards already relatively fit or moderately overweight individuals who want to shed pounds or improve their overall toning. One very popular example would be laser lipo inch loss, which is geared towards losing negligible amounts of fat found in problem areas like the chin, cheeks, or love-handles, which cannot otherwise be burned off with regular cardio or toning. While non-invasive measures can be used for fat reduction with respect to individuals who suffer from severe or morbid obesity, it is less effective and may only be employed as an accompaniment to true liposuction which is far more efficient for such applications.

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    Why Bother with Alternatives Then?

    While liposuction alternatives do have its limitations when compared to the more conventional approach, a lot of people seem to prefer it over standard liposuction for a number of reasons:

    Non-invasive – unlike liposuction, its alternatives promise a gentler approach that is non-invasive. It uses neither incisions nor the cannula, which makes it ideal for people who have an aversion to surgery, or individuals who simply want a painless way to lose unwanted fat.

    The non-requirement of anesthetic – anesthetic, whether local or general, can have a slew of side-effects that are undesirable. Alternatives to liposuction do not require the use of anesthesia, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want to stay away from such drugs.

    Faster healing time – because liposuction alternatives like laser fat loss treatment and many other variants do not require incisions in order to be performed, one can expect faster recovery time, if not no recovery time at all!

    Easily accessible – unlike liposuction which has to be done by specialists, procedures like laser lipo inch loss can be easily accomplished by clinicians with a working experience of the machinery needed to perform the procedure.

    Affordable prices – compared to conventional liposuction, alternative methods cost less, especially if one requires only superficial fat reduction.

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    Different Liposuction Alternatives You Should Know

    While there are a myriad of alternatives out in the market today (and to list them all would be impossible, since new innovations are made marketed on an almost monthly basis!), there are three standard procedures that you would expect to find in any clinic that offers alternatives, or in any health spa or boutique that happens to feature the service:

    i-Lipo – designed and marketed by the company Chromogenex, i-Lipo is one of the more popular laser fat loss treatments in the market today. Utilizing the power of low-level lasers that are channeled through specialized treatment pads that are passed over towards the affected area, it helps to liquefy fat by breaking it down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. These are then naturally expelled by the body over a period of several weeks to several months, resulting in slimming. One of the reasons for its popularity is its highly affordable price-range, at only $300 per treatment session, and anywhere from $700 to $900 for a package deal of several sessions with effects that rival conventional laser lipo fat reduction procedures.

    Endermologie – developed and patented by LPG, this non-invasive procedure combines vigorous massaging, rolling, and sucking of fat deposits in targeted areas with the use of state-of-the-art machinery. While it is FDA approved and is touted as being capable of getting rid of obstinate deposits of cellulite, many people have reported that it is only superficially effective, or that it otherwise gives the illusion of results, but doesn't always deliver. Costing some $1000 to $1100 for a 14 to 28 session package, this hit-and-miss method isn't exactly a good option if you want tangible and instant results.

    VelaShape / Zerona – designed and marketed by Syneron, this FDA approved non-invasive liposuction alternative combines infrared light energy and vacuum pump technology with accompanied mechanical massage. This approach, which combined targeted radiofrequency and infrared light energy is applied through the use of electrodes which heat up the fat cells, effectively rupturing and liquefying them. A mechanical vacuum is then used to smooth out the affected areas for faster results. At $1,200 to $1,300 this is a very affordable and reliable procedure to opt for and delivers excellent results that far exceed your run-of-the-mill lipo laser fat reduction procedures.

    CoolSculpting – designed and marketed by Zeltiq, this non-surgical procedure uses a specialized cooling suction device which numbs the targeted area as it freezes the adipose tissues underneath to just above the freezing point, killing the fat cells. The crystallized and damaged fat cells are then naturally ‘digested' and eliminated by the body. Costing anywhere from $1,500 to $1,600 this is also an excellent lipo alternative that delivers fast results, with optimal effects noticeable within just two to four weeks of treatment.

    Regardless of the method, you choose to opt for, they deliver wonderful results, especially if combined with a healthy diet and an extensive exercise routine!
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