• [Blended Benefits] of BodContour's Laser Therapy, Eating Healthy and Exercise

    Benefits of BodContour's Laser Therapy

    At BodContour, we're committed to helping people maintain healthy weights without turning to dangerous options. Because of this, we always encourage our patients to follow healthy eating and exercise habits.

    Blending the benefits of a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and BodContour's laser therapy leads to healthy bodies without fat in problem areas like the chin and thighs.

    Learn to Eat a Balanced Diet

    There are a lot of diets that can help people stay healthy. Dr. Michael Greger, for instance, advocates a diverse, plant-based diet that helps modern people avoid common ailments like heart disease and cancer.

    The Mediterranean Diet, which many researchers consider the healthiest option in the world, includes daily portions of:

    - Fruits
    - Vegetables
    - Legumes and nuts
    - Whole grains
    - Fish and poultry

    Eat a Balanced Diet

    Some of the most important things that BodContour patients can do to maintain healthy diets include:

    - Eating a variety of foods to ensure they get the right nutrition
    - Consuming an adequate amount of calories
    - Avoiding harmful foods with large amounts of sugar, saturated fats and trans fatty acids

    There are a lot of diet fads that advocate extreme behaviors. People should avoid them and focus on eating well-rounded meals. Anyone confused about what they should eat can talk to a dietitian or nutritionist for advice.

    Get the Right Amount of Exercise

    The Mayo Clinic recommends that healthy adults participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Daily walks are a great way to add moderate exercise to a day. Taking a jog offers even more (or at least quicker) benefits.

    Right Amount of Exercise

    Strength training is also important. The Mayo Clinic says that adults should exercise all of their major muscle groups at least twice a week. Lifting weights can help people reach that goal. Those who aren't ready to pump iron can get excellent results from body-weight exercises.

    Working with a physical trainer, of course, helps most people reach their goals quickly. Nothing's better than advice from a trained professional.

    BodContour Can Eliminate Stubborn Fat

    No matter how well some people take care of themselves, certain parts of their bodies will store unwanted fat. For some people, training for an Ironman competition won't get rid of stubborn fat in their upper arms, chins, hips and other problem areas.

    Eliminate Stubborn Fat

    That's where BodContour's laser therapy comes in. BodContour uses low-level laser energy to break down fat cells. It's FDA-Cleared, painless and completely safe. Patients who get the best results, though, are the ones who follow healthy lifestyles.

    BodContour isn't a quick fix for people who don't want to lead healthy lives. Patients who come to our office should expect to learn about healthy eating and exercise, too.
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