• [How Much] Does Laser Body Contouring Cost?

    ow Much Does Laser Body Contouring Cost?
    The beauty standards of this generation have become more focused on toned, well-proportioned, and slim figures. While this ideal has been around for a very long time, it is now more popular than ever, thanks in part to the ever-growing number of technological advancements that make the once-elusive goal of slimness a near-instantaneous possibility. Laser fat removal is one of the most popular ‘instant' weight loss solutions out there today. It's so prolific that one can find such services not only in specialized clinics but even in designated floors or boutiques in select strip malls and supermarkets.

    One of the reasons for its steady rise to popularity is its non-invasive nature and the fact that it can deliver quick and noticeable results after only several sessions. Because it is non-invasive and does not require a certified medical professional to operate, laser fat removal cost is marginally lower than standard liposuction sessions in clinics.

    How Does It Work?

    Laser fat reduction may seem like a magical thing, but what it really does is actually quite simple. Unlike liposuction which literally sucks out fats from affected areas, laser fat reduction employs laser beams to shrink fat cells without the need to be poked by anything, and with absolutely zero need for anesthetic. Specialised lasers that are employed for the express purpose of fat reduction are often designed to be able to penetrate through the upper layers of skin, right down into the fatty layers underneath. 

    These lasers are set on pads that fit the contour of the body, which directs and focus laser energy into specifically targeted areas (although design and efficacy vary depending upon the machine manufacturer), triggering the release of three key substances: stored fatty acids, water, and glycerol. This sudden release, which can be compared to a bunch of grapes being dehydrated or water balloons being popped, is what causes the amazing shrinkage in pounds.

    However, because it is non-invasive and employs only laser light, it will require more than one session of laser fat burning to obtain desired results, especially if the specific area that is being targeted contains a significant layer of stored fats. Laser fat removal cost is nothing if you're just concerned about losing some baby fat around your cheeks, or if you just want to tone a slightly flabby belly. However, those costs can add up each session if you have a lot of problem areas that have to be addressed.

    Benefit from Laser Fat Removal

    What Body Parts Can Benefit from Laser Fat Removal?

    Laser fat removal, though fast, non-invasive, and effective, does have its limitations. Unlike liposuction which can instantly trim down a large amount of fat in a short amount of time, some fatty areas in the body cannot be effectively treated with lasers. Thick deposits of fat, an old fat that has converted itself into cellulite and certain areas of the body which are known to store larger concentrations of fat than others, sometimes do not benefit from laser fat reduction in spite of repeated sessions.

    Most laser fat reduction clinics and services do agree that areas such as the waistline, thighs, arms, abdomen, and face are all prime treatment areas with a significant and highly noticeable efficacy rate. It is extremely effective for the quick treatment of problem areas like love handles, chubby cheeks, and flabby arms or thighs. As a general rule of thumb, if you've got excellent skin elasticity and are only several pounds above what is considered a healthy or normal weight threshold for your specific body type, then you can benefit greatly from laser fat reduction.

    Minor Problems with Laser Fat Reduction Methods

    The average laser body contouring cost these days can still be a hefty sum, even if it pales in comparison to liposuction. One should consider several issues about the process before undertaking it, such as:

    Chance of failure – compared to liposuction which will guarantee instantaneous results after the procedure, laser body contouring runs the risk of failure, especially if your current body type is no longer in an ideal state for the machine to do its job properly.

    Fat rebound – laser contouring does not remove fat cells from the body. They only shrink them so that they appear smaller. While this in and of itself is an effective ‘quick fix', if you do not address issues like a well-balanced diet suited for weight maintenance, or if you're not an avid fan of exercise, chances are whatever weight you lost will come back to haunt you faster than you can book your next appointment.

    Ballooning costs – laser fat reduction takes several sessions before it can deliver desirable results, especially for dire cases. If you're choosing laser contouring as an ‘affordable' alternative to liposuction but are no longer of the ideal fat ratio to benefit from it, chances are you're only wasting your money because whatever effects might be obtained will only be rendered nil.

    Laser Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

    The Cost of Laser Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

    So how much does laser body contouring cost? That depends on several factors:

    Machinery – depending on the machine that the clinic or center uses, it can range anywhere from $100 to $1500. Most centers that offer super-cheap laser body contouring or fat reduction may have machines that aren't as powerful. Some machines come with five diodes (least powerful), while others come with as much as a hundred or more laser diodes (the most powerful). The more powerful a machine is, the pricier each session tends to be, with some services going as high as $3000 per package deal (comprising of eight or ten whole sessions over the course of several weeks).

    Professional fee – you may not need the help of a professional surgeon like you would if you opted for liposuction, but you will still need to pay a professional fee for the one who will operate the laser contouring machine.

    Repeat visits – this is practically a no-brainer. Unless you manage to really turn your dietary and physical habits around and maintain your weight after you've had laser fat reduction, chances are you'll have to pay them several visits just to maintain your youthful looks and trim figure.

    Nevertheless, if you compare those costs to the hefty sum an average liposuction surgery can amount to (anywhere from $4000 on average, to as much as $10,000 for specialized cases), laser fat reduction might not be such a bad idea if you're only out to correct a small problem area. Granted, it will take some additional work on your part to ensure that whatever benefits you glean from it stays.
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