• [Laser Fat Removal] and Everything You Need to Know About It

    Laser Fat Removal and Everything You Need to Know about It
    Any weight loss method that promises a quick fix seems to look like a passing fad these days. We’ve seen dozens of products and diet plans sprout like mushrooms only to die just as fast. As someone who’s trying to lose weight, you’ll know that trusting another fitness regimen is a gamble for your confidence and health. But not in this era where technology is utilized on applications you can never think of – even killing those fat cells without slicing an inch of your skin. Not to mention the affordable laser body contouring cost, this treatment is a fast and reliable way.

    Fitness and cosmetic clinics nowadays would be the envy of badass ‘90s sci-fi movies. There are lasers everywhere used to remove hair, tighten skin, and trim excess fat. Finally, an alternative to the gruesome, traditional lipo surgeries where the doctor pierces and thrusts that thin vacuum stick to your body.

    What is laser fat removal?

    This method of fat removal utilizes a special kind of laser to shrink the fat cells. It targets the fats while retaining other cells which makes it very safe. The laser works by puncturing holes in your fat cells, causing the fat content to be released on the interstitial fluid that our lymphatic system flushes out of the body. Take note that the fat cells only deflate and not totally removed. According to clinical studies, abrupt removal of fat cells can cause tough consequences and the fat may reappear in other parts of the body.

    It’s like cleansing the body with the stored toxins. However, this laser method doesn’t cure or improve underlying hormonal or metabolic issues. Those who are pregnant and trying to conceive should steer clear of this procedure.

    Is it painful?

    During a laser fat removal session, you’ll be asked to strip off while keeping your underwear on. You’ll lie down on the clinic bed and the doctor will start to work on the octopus-like arms of the laser equipment. It will be aimed at the spots where you want to shrink the fats.

    Once the lasers are on, your body will have a blinding glow and you’re going to transform into a semi-cyborg being. Nope, just kidding. You’ll feel nothing. You just lie there for 40 minutes and off you go. There will be multiple sessions after the initial procedure depending on what the clinic will advise.

    The best thing about this fat removal method is you won’t experience any downtime. You can be as active as you are prior to the session. No holes on your tummy or leaking body fluids.

    Advantages of laser fat removal

    Advantages of laser fat removal

    The very first advantage here is that the procedure is painless and there’s no required recovery time. No swelling, redness, wounds, and whatsoever. Also, it doesn’t shock the body by removing hefty amounts of fat in a very short span of time. It’s healthy and non-invasive and almost anyone can use this treatment. Just make sure that you’ll commit to a healthier lifestyle after the procedure to sustain the effects.

    Some patients say that the procedure is rejuvenating and they experience a crazy surge of energy afterward. That could be due to the removed weight or placebo.

    Above all, the laser fat removal method helps you stick to a healthier regimen. The enhanced figure is an awesome motivation, especially for over 40 individuals.

    The question is does it work?

    A lot of patients vouch for the effectiveness of the laser fat removal, saying that they actually notice a visible result after the first session. An independent study back in 2013 found that such procedure can actually reduce fat and make skin tight due to more collagen production. Laser treatments are rarely the subject of scientific studies, and if there are, there’s a high chance that it’s funded by the same clinics offering the service. That makes the trials bias so the best reference here is the accounts of those who underwent the treatment.

    But before taking the procedure, it’s best to drink lots of water. Your fat cells will shrink and you’ll feel a bit lightheaded if you don’t hydrate beforehand. Some patients felt their stomach gurgle after the treatment which is the only side effect, so far.

    slimming effect after the first treatment

    How fast would the results show?

    There would be a visible slimming effect after the first treatment, but you have to undergo multiple sessions if you want to flaunt a nice figure. That means higher laser fat removal cost on your end. Still, it’s not even half the cost of traditional liposuction treatments that can be as much as $3,400. Laser fat removal will only charge you a maximum of $1,500 for up to five sessions. You can skip the next appointments but you have to exercise and observe a proper diet. Whatever you choose, a laser fat removal procedure is excellent in jumpstarting your road to fitness.

    Take note, though, that mileage will vary per person. Some patients get to be fit in a few months while others struggle as the fats creep back. You really have to work it out if you want to improve what the laser treatment started.

    Still, it’s not the single solution to your fats.

    Like any other fat removal methods, this laser treatment isn’t the sole solution to your problem. You have to do the physical work even if you’re going to lose substantial inches off your belly. Be cautious of your expectations since some patients find the procedure to hurt more than it should help.

    Also, results would be minimal here. With the non-surgical nature and low laser body contouring cost, this is already the right bargain if you want to lose fat without the effort. You pay, attend sessions, and take it from there. You’ll feel like a science project which could be both exciting and nasty.

    This treatment is pretty affordable if you are to compare it with surgical procedures. Still, I can’t help but feel like the laser body contouring cost is a bit of a steal. You just lie there for a few hours a week without the guarantee on the effects. But if you can afford, it doesn’t hurt, literally and metaphorically, to try.
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