• [Laser Liposuction Technique] Melts Fat and Tightens Skin

    Laser Liposuction Technique
    No matter how much some people exercise and diet, they can't get rid of stubborn fat. We see this everyday at BodContour. That's why we offer a laser system that melts fat and tightens skin safely that melts fat and tightens skin safely. Our patients don't need to undergo surgery to eliminate problem areas. Instead, they can rely on our FDA-Cleared, painless technique.

    How Does BodContour Work?

    BodContour's laser system uses low-level laser therapy, also called lasers, to stimulate fat cells. The alternative to surgical liposuction encourages fat cells to create a chemical that breaks the fat into free fatty acids and glycerol. It's a natural process that bodies use daily. BodContour just speeds up and targets the process for better results.

    Our laser system also tightens skin, so patients don't have to worry about sagging areas after they lose weight.

    BodContour Laser Liposuction work

    The Difference Between BodContour and Surgical Liposuction

    There are a lot of differences between BodContour's process and the surgical liposuction that so many people use to shed pounds. With BodContour, our patients don't experience any pain. They don't even have to undergo surgery. Instead, they sit in relaxed positions while our device does all of the work.

    Compare that to surgical liposuction that can cause scary side effects like:

    - Damage to blood vessels, nerves, lungs and muscles.
    - Bleeding.
    - Complications from anesthesia.
    - Higher risk of getting staph infections.
    - Numbness.
    - Fat embolisms that happen when fat cells block the flow of blood.
    - Uneven fat removal.
    - Fluid accumulation under the skin.
    - Shock caused by becoming dehydrated during surgery.

    Difference Between BodContour and Surgical Liposuction

    Make no doubt about it. Liposuction is serious surgery that can put a patient's health in danger. Realistically, people should only use it as a last resort.

    Getting the Most Out of BodContour Laser System

    Most of our patients need eight sessions to get the results that they want. It's so common that we even sell eight-session packages at discounted prices. We recommend getting two or three treatments per week.

    For the best results, we encourage our patients to follow eat healthy diets and get plenty of exercise. BodContour isn't intended to help people lose massive amounts of weight. It focuses on problem areas like chins, upper arms and thighs. Overall wellness, however, comes from leading a lifestyle.
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